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On September 19, 2020, McKinley Harris Thaler, nearly three-years-old, was abducted.   The abduction was intended to extort his dad into terminating a multistate investigation concerning money laundering and public corruption. To date, neither McKinley’s dad nor dad’s family members have seen McKinley or received any communication from him. 

Dad does not know where his son is. 

The State of Arizona, its most populous county, Maricopa, and the cities of Mesa and Gilbert, which lie within, are cesspools of corruption.  Fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, and crystal methamphetamine flow freely through an open border.  And with it comes the cash.  Billions of dollars flow into hundreds of cash houses while the drugs are held in stash houses.  The result is a plethora of racketeering enterprises:  money laundering, tax evasion, insurance fraud, payroll theft, election fraud, and bankruptcy fraud.  Bribes paid to public officials, both elected and appointed, provide the cartels with a safe haven.
In February 2019, attorney John Harris Thaler and his team were retained to investigate.  Thaler had a star witness: Brittany Rae Chavez, his wife of three years.  At the time of their marriage in 2016, Thaler had no idea that his wife and her mother, Dawna Rae Chavez, were participants in the largest money laundering scheme in U.S. history.  Thaler had no idea that Brittany had known him since 2011 and had been paid to create an extortion scheme against him to disrupt an earlier investigation into organized crime.  He did not know that their chance meeting in October 2014 was anything but an accident; he did not know that the marriage was a sham. 

Thaler’s accidental discovery of certain falsified recorded trust deeds in early 2018 would change everything.  By late 2019, Brittany was a cooperating witness who requested Federal Witness Protection.  Before protection could be arranged, Brittany succumbed to family pressures and threats of violence aimed at her, at Thaler, and at their two-year-old son, McKinley.  On September 19, 2020, McKinley was abducted in an ill-fated attempt to force Thaler into rescuing his son. 

Report to the Governor is the inside story of Thaler’s three-year investigation.  It includes the findings and evidence provided to Governor Doug Ducey in May 2022 and to attorneys general in five additional states.  It explains who hijacked Arizona’s elections and how. And it chronicles the illegal swatting efforts spearheaded by corrupt police officers and judges on the take to discredit Thaler and to prevent this story from being told.

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