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Why McKinley was Abducted

A. Background

John H. Thaler is an attorney who has been licensed to practice law in California since 1990.  Thaler was an “in-house counsel” member of the Arizona State Bar from 2017 through 2019.  Thaler’s firm, Harris/Thaler Law, specializes in investigating and litigating civil cases with issues focusing on traditional “white collar crimes” including racketeering and public corruption.  Clients include private parties, private entities, and public entities. 

Since February 2019, Thaler’s office has been conducting an investigation of racketeering and corruption in multiple states including Arizona.  Within Arizona, the investigation has focused on Maricopa County and the cities of Mesa and Gilbert.  Over 120,000 pages of documents have been reviewed to date.  Thaler issued preliminary findings to Governor Doug Ducey in May 2022.  The final report will be completed shortly and published.  Report to the Governor will contain approximately 300 pages of narrative and approximately 3,000 pages of evidentiary documents. 

These findings and the supporting evidence have rendered representation of Thaler in Maricopa County and adjudication of the charge in Maricopa County virtually impossible as conflicts of interest run, at a minimum, to the criminal defense bar, to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and to the Maricopa County Superior Court.

               In simple terms, the Maricopa County database (and the City of Mesa and Town of Gilbert databases) has been compromised since it was designed in 2014.  The new system was designed to allow outside access to upload falsified documents and to modify or remove legitimate documents.  The infiltration includes filing false charges against those who are deemed threats to the racketeering enterprises and removing charges against participants.  The database was also designed to allow changes to be made to ballot counts.  Maricopa County is likely facing a civil rights class action lawsuit by those wrongly charged and/or convicted.

In or about March 2022, Thaler filed an action in the Federal District Court alleging civil rights violations against the City of Mesa, Town of Gilbert, Maricopa County, and various officials (Case No. 2:21-cv-02892-DSF-AS).  A true and correct copy of the First Amended Complaint is attached hereto as Appendix C.  The gravamen of the action concerns bribed officials attempting to disrupt Thaler’s investigation through numerous civil rights violations pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1983. 


 Thaler also contends that the City of Mesa police department operates a specific unit intended to support the racketeering enterprises.  The actions of officers in said unit include the following illegal and unwarranted activities: wire taps, phone taps, computer hacking, electronic vehicle surveillance, and unwarranted searches and seizures. In certain instances, officers in said unit have planted evidence to effect false arrests. (Witness statements withheld at this time). In addition to damages, the First Amended Complaint seeks injunctive relief, including a preliminary and permanent injunction over the within proceedings. 

At the time Thaler filed his First Amended Complaint, he had not been provided with the alleged police report and did not know that exculpatory/contradictory evidence somehow no longer exists.  Thaler will be seeking leave to amend his action to include the additional rights violations.  Through adjudication of the complaint, Thaler intends to secure federal consent decrees over the City of Mesa, Town of Gilbert, and Maricopa County, including its Office of County Recorder and the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Further, as a result of these issues, the Maricopa County Attorney should expect a motion to disqualify its office from participating in any further prosecution and should also expect attorneys and staff to be interviewed and to be subpoenaed for trial as necessary. 

More importantly, as set forth in detail infra, Thaler and his family face an extreme safety risk.  Thaler’s estranged spouse, Brittany Thaler, has been a key participant in the racketeering schemes along with her mother, Dawna Rae Chavez, and other Chavez family members in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah, and Illinois.  Beginning in September 2019 and continuing to the present, Brittany has cooperated in a limited fashion with the investigation.  Her actions have resulted in threats against her, Thaler, and their son, McKinley Harris Thaler.

               Prior to September 2019, two known attempts were made on Thaler’s life.  In response to these attempts and threats against her and their son, McKinley, in November 2019, Brittany sought WITSEC protection but ceased pursuit of it in December 2019 when McKinley’s life was threatened. Multiple threats of violence have been made against Brittany and have been made against McKinley.

To date, six attempts have been made on Thaler’s life.  


Additionally, at least thirty-five (35) false reports (“swatting”) have been made to multiple local law enforcement agencies intended to cause physical harm to Thaler.  Thaler is currently fighting such a  “charge” intended to damage his license to practice law. 

Under no circumstances will Thaler put his life or the lives of his family at risk by traveling to Maricopa County.  Thaler currently resides in a safe location.

For these reasons, this Court should Order the case removed from Maricopa County forthwith.  Thaler suggests that the case be removed to Flagstaff/Coconino County. 

B. Documents Investigated and Verified

               Thaler has reviewed over 150,000 documents and verified his findings with Linda Mitchell QDE.  Ms. Mitchell is a highly respected forensic questioned documents expert.  Ms. Mitchell has reviewed more than 5,000 documents and has provided nearly 2,000 pages of written reports examining handwritings and the legitimacy of documents obtained by Thaler’s office during its investigation.  Ms. Mitchell’s conclusions support the allegations made by Thaler.

C. History

 The following is a short summary and is not intended to provide all relevant information.  In 2009-2010, Arizona conducted an audit of its agencies regarding money laundering through them from Russian organized crime interests.  Several individuals were indicted, charged and convicted.  From 2011-2012, Thaler’s office was retained to investigate money laundering by a Russian organized crime group primarily operating out of Los Angeles with monies transferred through purchases and sales of single-family residences in California, Arizona, Montana, South Carolina and Florida, mostly in new home construction Areas of concern in Arizona included San Tan Valley, Litchfield Park, Good Year, and Avondale.

In an apparent effort to disrupt Thaler’s investigation, on May 31, 2012, a falsified default judgment for approximately $5,000 was entered against Thaler in Los Angeles County Superior Court (Case Number 11E11652).  The alleged Plaintiff’s attorney, “Paul Tokeshi,” does not exist.  The alleged signature of Judge Leland Harris on the “Judgment” is phony.  Judge Harris has confirmed the same.  Also, the “Judgment” on its face is improper and therefore void.  Thaler did not become aware of this “Judgment” until June 2015.

In or about May 2014, Thaler’s office was retained to investigate certain money laundering activities in Maricopa County.  In 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice in Des Moines, Iowa charged multiple individuals, including drug suppliers and real estate agents with money laundering.  One of the agents charged was Patrick J. Murphy.  In or about 2008, Murphy pled guilty to multiple counts of Structuring.  At that time, the U.S. Attorney’s office did not know that Murphy’s structuring was used to move money from Des Moines, Iowa to Maricopa County for the purchase/sale of single-family residences or that upon sale, the proceeds were being transferred to a Panama-based corporation. 

Murphy died under questionable circumstances in Scottsdale, Arizona in September 2012.  His putative spouse, Beth Krantz, also a real estate agent, was believed to be involved in the property purchases/sales and in the transfer of funds in and out of the Panama corporation. 

Shortly after this investigation began, an application was made to enter the phony California judgment in Maricopa County as a foreign state judgment.  Said judgment was entered under Case No. CV2001-01255 in September 2014—just as the investigation was concluding. . (Attached hereto as Exhibit 10 and incorporated herein by reference are the transfer of the Foreign State Judgement from CA to AZ. The investigation found:

a) evidence of Murphy’s involvement in laundering cash through property purchases in Arizona; b) evidence of the transfer of proceeds to a Panama corporation; and

b) after Murphy’s death, cash continued to be laundered in the same manner through properties allegedly purchased using Murphy’s name.

Thaler met and began dating Brittany Rae Chavez (“Brittany”) in October 2014.  On April 13, 2016, the couple married.  At the time of the marriage, Thaler did not know that Brittany and her mother, Dawna Rae Chavez (“Dawna”) were “cleaners” –a slang term for money launderers.  The Chavez family laundered/launders money primarily for the Sinaloan Cartel.  Said cartel uses resources under the control of the Arizona based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—accounts generally protected from audit due to non-profit status. The laundered monies come from narcotics trafficking and from human trafficking.  Most of the money is laundered through purchases of single-family residences.

The phony California action, including the application for judgment and judgment were prepared by Brittany. (Ref: Exhibits 8,10,11) The handwriting and hand printing on the documents has been identified as belonging to Brittany.  (Ref: Exhibit 7A page 139) A significant portion of the handwriting and hand printing on the foreign state judgment application documents has been identified as belonging to Brittany.  Brittany meeting Thaler was not an accident.  Brittany was paid to befriend Thaler and then infiltrate Thaler’s office and office computer system to determine whether Krantz had provided Thaler with evidence of the money laundering. 

Dawna’s crime career started in 1986 in Cook County, Illinois, with phony trust deeds bearing her handwriting.  Brittany’s career started in 1995 at eight years old by filling out (by hand) trust deeds and related recorded documents used to facilitate these schemes. Hundreds of trust deeds and warranty deeds recovered from Cook County, Illinois, Lake County, Indiana, and Polk County, Iowa connected with Murphy and other real estate agents have Brittany and Dawna’s handwriting and hand printing on them.  The scheme continues as said phony deed documents run through 2022.  Thaler is currently working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The laundering operation moved to Arizona in or about 1994.  Since that time, more than 10,000 (and as many as 25,000) fraudulent transactions have been recorded in Maricopa County.  At least 5,000 recorded documents evidence either the buyer/seller signatures and/or notary signatures belonging to Brittany or Dawna. 

D. Bribery of Public Officials



With respect to bribery, Brittany and Dawna facilitate payment to elected and appointed state, county and local officials through phony mortgages where the “mortgage” (either through a refinance or on a new purchase) is the bribe.  In some instances, the bribes are paid through contributions to political action committees (as set forth in I.R.C. §527).  (Attached hereto as Exhibit 16 and incorporated herein by reference are the formation documents for the Political Action Committee set up by Katie Hobbs filled out with Brittany’s handwriting)

And in other instances, bribes are paid through phony auto accident treatment claims—AHCCCS liens. (Attached hereto as Exhibit 17 and incorporated herein by reference are AHCCCS Liens for Public Officials used as bribes)

In Arizona, public officials accepting bribes include members of the legislative and executive branches of the state government, more than two dozen judges of the Maricopa County Superior Court, at least two judges of the City of Mesa Court, at least one judge of the Town of Gilbert Court, the Mayor of Mesa, five members of the Mesa City Council, several police officers employed by the City of Mesa, several officers employed by the Town of Gilbert, the Mesa City Prosecutor and at least one assistant prosecutor, election officials employed by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, three Maricopa County supervisors, and principals of Runbeck Election Services, to name a few. Bribe recipients also include support staff members including judicial assistants and clerks.  

E. Thaler’s Discovery of the Racketeering

Brittany and Thaler have one child together, McKinley Harris Thaler.  McKinley was born on December 12, 2017.  In late February 2018, Thaler and Brittany decided to create a trust for McKinley’s benefit.  To that end, Thaler researched the recorded documents on their residence.  During his research, Thaler found multiple deeds containing the name “Brittany R. Chavez” where the signature matched the handwriting of his wife.  That match has been confirmed by the forensic QDE. Further, the deeds evidenced Brittany as married to a “Justin Chavez.” Deeds and marriage certificates subsequently discovered evidence Brittany as being married to at least a dozen individuals with the marriages occurring from before her marriage to Thaler, during her marriage to Thaler and continuing to this day.   

A list of the apparent husbands and the supporting documentation is available.  Thus, the marriage to Brittany was a sham.

During the remainder of 2018, Thaler discovered more than 100 fake trust deeds and warranty deeds in Maricopa County wherein either Brittany or Dawna executed the document as “buyer” or “seller” and/or notarized the document under an assumed name.  At least half the documents purported to be executed by “married” parties.” (Attached hereto as Exhibit 17 and incorporated herein by reference are Fake Deeds with the last name “Chavez”)

The discovery of the falsified deeds led to the discovery of additional racketeering enterprises including, but not limited to: insurance fraud, payroll fraud, and bankruptcy fraud.

 It also led to the discovery of the extortion schemes where falsified default judgments, criminal restitution judgments, and child support orders are used to extort monies from individuals. 

F. Federal Litigation

The relevant events from 2019 through March 2022 are set forth in greater detail in Thaler’s First Amended Complaint filed in Federal District Court, bearing Case No. 2:21-cv-02892-DSF-AS. 

               In summary, the facts include:

a.            In February 2019, Thaler’s office is retained to investigate a multi-state money laundering operation related to cash earned from the sale of illicit narcotics.

b.            On April 21, 2019, an attempt is made on Thaler’s life by tampering with the right front tire on his rental vehicle; 

c.            On July 7, 2019, a second attempt is made on Thaler’s life by poisoning a beverage provided to him;

d.            In September 2019, Brittany becomes a cooperative witness. She provides a plethora of evidence concerning the racketeering schemes including a portable hard drive containing spreadsheets evidencing the distribution of the cash from the laundering operations and from the bribes.

e.            On November 17, 2019, Brittany requests that Thaler and his colleague, John J. Stanley, seek WITSEC protection for her.

f.            On December 12, 2019, the occasion of McKinley’s second birthday, Brittany is coerced into taking McKinley while Dawna falsified a Superior Court Order of Protection in favor of Brittany.  By these actions, City of Mesa participants intend for Thaler to violate the phony order thereafter arresting him.  The plan fails;

g.            On December 13, 2019, a falsified petition for dissolution is uploaded into the Superior Court database.  Ex parte applications are filed to prevent the return of McKinley to Thaler.  The applications were denied by Judge Otis; 

h.            On December 29, 2019, Thaler and Brittany meet secretly to discuss WITSEC and the evidence she has provided Thaler to date;

i.             On the night of December 29, 2019, Thaler enters Banner Gateway hospital suffering from a blood pressure spike resulting from the July 2019 poisoning.

j.             On December 30, 2019, Brittany and McKinley come to Banner Gateway to visit Thaler.  Shortly thereafter, Dawna and the City of Mesa participants order Brittany to stay away from Thaler;

k.            On December 31, 2019, Thaler is transferred to Banner Heart Hospital where an angiogram is performed. 

l.             Simultaneously, Detective Brian Bullock files a report seeking to have the Town of Gilbert file a criminal charge against Thaler for having contact with Brittany in violation of the falsified Order of Protection—at the same time as he was receiving the angiogram.  Despite having no subject matter jurisdiction to file a criminal charge, the Town of Gilbert did so anyway in July 2020; 

m.          In or about January 2020, Judge Otis resigns from the bench after e-mail conversations were leaked between her and her clerk regarding comments she made about parties in her courtroom;

n.            In February 2020, Commissioner (now Judge) Andrew Russell is appointed to adjudicate the family law case (Case Number: FC2019-0980211);

o.           On February 20, 2020, Commissioner Russell orders 50/50 custody and ordered Dawna to facilitate the custody exchanges;

p.            Several weeks later, Brittany and her attorney, Erica Gadberry, falsify an Order to sell the family residence.  Thereafter, they withhold the sale documents evidencing a higher purchases price than that which was reported.  Upon completion of the sale, they fail and refuse to account for the net proceeds and fail to provide Thaler his share of said proceeds.

q.            During the time of the house sale in March 2020, Commissioner Russell is removed from the Department and from the case;

r.            On April 4, 2020, McKinley is abducted in violation of the Custody Order as a second attempt to bait Thaler into violating the phony Order of Protection.  When that plan fails, McKinley is returned to Thaler on April 18, 2020;

s.            In mid -April 2020, Judge Marvin L. Davis and J.A. Madison Hughes are assigned to the dissolution.  Ms. Hughes, who holds no qualifications for the job, is a bribe recipient who was previously employed within one of the racketeering entities operated by Dawna Chavez.  From this point to the present, not a single pleading filed by Thaler is seen or read by Judge Davis. (Attached hereto as Exhibit 27A and 27B and incorporated herein by reference is a list of all motions, briefs etc. submitted to the Court under the case number: FC2019-098211)

t.            In late April 2020, Dawna prepares a phony City of Mesa Order of Protection against Thaler in favor of herself, despite being the court appointed facilitator of custody exchanges—of which Mesa lacks subject matter jurisdiction to issue; 

u.            On September 19, 2020, McKinley is abducted for a third time and kept at Dawna’s residence.  To this date, Thaler has not seen or heard from his child.  Attempts by Thaler’s family members and friends to see or speak to McKinley are ignored;

v.            Racketeering participants in the City of Mesa, including the City Prosecutor, Paul Hawkins, then prepare two dozen charges of violating Dawna’s phony Order of Protection.  The alleged violations include communications between Dawna and him that concern the exchanges with McKinley—per the February 20, 2020, Superior Court Order.  Said charges are unlawful as subject matter jurisdiction belongs exclusively to the Family court. Said charging documents are then mailed to an incorrect address to ensure Thaler does not see them and that warrants will issue; 

w.           On January 8, 2021, a phony dissolution decree is uploaded into the court database containing falsified signatures of Judge Davis.   Thaler immediately files a motion to set aside and vacate the judgment.  In July 2021, a falsified Order denying the motion is uploaded into the database. (Attached hereto as Exhibit 31 and incorporated herein by reference is the phony Divorce Decree entered on January 8, 2021

x.            In March 2021, Thaler hires forensic Questioned Documents Expert Linda L. Mitchell to examine falsified recorded documents and falsified court pleadings including falsifies Orders allegedly issued by Judge Davis.  Ms. Mitchell issues a report to the Clark County Superior Court (Las Vegas, Nevada) stating that the dissolution of marriage pleadings in FC2019-098211 are falsified and that the Orders allegedly issued by Judge Davis are falsified 

y.            On May 9, 2021, Thaler and Brittany arrange for Thaler to spend a couple of hours with McKinley at a family custody facility in Chandler.  All arrangements are made through the facility’s representatives.  Dawna and Mesa participants discover the arrangement.  Mesa participants threaten Brittany with bodily harm if she brings McKinley to the facility.  They then send a third party to be present to threaten Thaler and to cause him bodily harm.  To prevent the harm, Dawna, pretending to be Brittany, phones in a false police report to the Chandler police claiming that Thaler has been threatening “her” (Brittany).  Thaler is refunded his money and leaves the premises.  Apparently, the Chandler police officers arrive thereafter.

z.            The police report is heavily redacted. The redacted information materially contradicts other information in the report such that no violation of law occurred and no charge should have been filed.  Body cam and dashboard cam, which contradicts the police report is destroyed.

aa.         In or about August 2021, a charge of “evading the police” is filed against Thaler and mailed to an incorrect address. Case #CR2021-134056

G. Case No. FC2019-098211

The falsified Petition for Dissolution of Marriage dated December 13, 2019, bears Case No. FC2019-098211.  The first judge on the case, Judge Otis, denied several motions made by “Petitioner.”  The second judge on the case, Commissioner Russell, ordered joint custody after the February 20, 2020, hearing.  Then came Judge Marvin L. Davis and his bribed J.A., Madison Hughes (Ref: Exhibit 26).  That was not an accident.

Not a single filing made by Thaler was ever seen or read.  Ms. Hughes made sure of that.  The unseen pleadings include motions and Oppositions to motion.   “Orders” allegedly issued by Judge Davis have forged signatures belonging to Dawna Chavez.  The signatures on the Decree are forgeries. 

The signature on a Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt is a forgery. The falsifying of Orders runs through July 2022.


Thaler will be filing a Petition for Special Action shortly to set aside and vacate the Decree and all Orders issued under Judge Davis since he was assigned the case in April 2020.


H. Election Fraud Investigation

               The parameters of Thaler’s investigation originally did not include election fraud.  That changed in October 2020 when Thaler was provided certain information concerning the county computer database and the identities of bribe recipients, and when, in October 2020, Thaler’s team discovered approximately 100,000 falsified ballots being carried from Mesa to certain offices in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Over the past fifteen years, Brittany has used her access to load falsified default judgments into the Superior Court’s database.  Like the falsified judgment in Los Angeles County, the fake judgments in Arizona are used to financially damage those that are deemed detrimental to the racketeering enterprises.  Since at least 2004 and running through the November 2022 election, Brittany and Dawna have been facilitating illegal transfers of funds to political candidates and campaigns. Some of the money travels through the phony mortgage scheme; some of the money travels to limited liability companies, including political action committees.  The investigation into election fraud is not limited to the State of Arizona.  However, where it is concerned, a plethora of individuals are implicated in the fraud including elected and appointed officials and Runbeck Election Services, the service provider for Maricopa County.  The Maricopa County database has no integrity whatsoever.  Since at least 2004, ballot counts have been tampered with.  The county’s current computer database, which was built between 2014-2015, is infiltrated and hacked.  Its architects specifically designed the system with multiple backdoor entry points.  These points permit the uploading of falsified documents and the removal of genuine documents from the county court system and from the Recorder’s office.  Brittany has access to at least one back door. 

Beginning in 2017, the access points have been used to change vote totals and thereon, election results.  Candidates/Office holders who have accepted illegal payments facilitated by Brittany are included on Appendix D.  Illegal transfers of funds have also been provided to Robert Runbeck (principal of Runbeck Election Services) and Jeff Ellison (COO, Runbeck Election Services).  The phony deeds used in the scheme to move money to candidates are created by Brittany.  For-profit and non-profit PACs are also created by Brittany and used to move money to candidates. 

During the 2022 election, ballot scanners/printers at 70 precincts suffered changes to their printer settings despite being tested the night before the election.  The changes in settings were made through computer infiltration, not manually. 

The uncountable ballots were placed in “Box 3’s” and allegedly driven to Runbeck for counting.  

Witness information provided in October 2020 confirms that more than 100,000 filled in ballots and more than $6 million were identified by Thaler’s investigators in three unmarked rental vans.  Those vans were loaded with the ballots and cash at a private residence in Mesa, Arizona and then driven to the Runbeck office in downtown Phoenix.  

The Runbeck company is operated by Robert Runbeck.  Recorded documents obtained by Thaler evidence bribes paid to Runbeck through the phony mortgage scheme. (Ref: Exhibit 38) Jeffrey Ellison is in charge of operations at Runbeck.  Recorded documents obtained by Thaler evidence bribes paid through the phony mortgage scheme to him. 

Mr. Ellison is also the Chief Operating Officer of Precision Aero, an Arizona based aerospace company.  Precision Aero’s majority owner is Black Mountain Investment Company.  Black Mountain’s primary business is property investment.  Recorded documents obtained for Black Mountain evidence money laundering through property purchases and sales. 

The principal of Precision Aero and Black Mountain is Mahai Toma.  These companies are operated with his brother, Andrei. (Ref: Exhibit 38) Black Mountain is also operated by George Bottea III, a licensed attorney.  All three individuals have recorded documents evidencing bribes paid through the phony mortgage scheme.  The documents also evidence money laundering.  Mihai and Andrei’s brother is Ben.  Ben Toma is the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives.  Representative Toma is just one of many state legislators with documents evidencing the acceptance of bribes through the phony mortgage scheme.  

With respect to the November 2020 election, an example of an impossible outcome includes Adrian Fontes’ loss to Stephen Richer for Maricopa County Recorder.  Richer’s win is a statistical impossibility.  To wit: Fontes is a Democrat and was the incumbent; Percentages for Biden, Sinema and Kelly run at approximately 2.5% margins in the county against their opponents.  Richer won by approximately 6,000 votes.  That means 50,000 individuals who voted for the Democrat ticket across the board had to choose the Republican candidate for recorder against an incumbent who never suffered a scandal.

Never happened.  This was a “planned” loss.  Hobbs would receive the Democrat nomination for Governor and Fontes would run for Secretary of State to replace Hobbs.  Hobbs and Fontes have “Brittany” deeds evidencing participation in the bribes. 

As stated above, the fix for 2020 (and for 2022) started in 2017 with appointments to election position of individuals taking bribes through the mortgage system (Ref: Exhibit 38) and monies being laundered through the appointment of phantom “individuals.”


The problems with these documents are many. 

For example, as to the appointments notarized by “Jessica York:” First, the handwriting and hand printing of "Jessica York" have been identified as belonging to Brittany.

 Second, the York signatures are the same handwriting but not the same style.  And that change of style exists even where the documents are allegedly signed on the same day—June 4, 2020.  These issues.  Third, the "December 9" date for the clerk is a handwriting matching Dawna.  Fourth, the signature of the clerk at the bottom right is actually a tracing of a signature stamp intended to look like a live signature.  Fifth, the time between the signature and notarization and the alleged execution by the clerk and thereafter the recording date evidence forgery.  The normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.  All took multiple months, and all were allegedly clerk executed and recorded AFTER the election certification.

Another example: Celia Nabor is the Assistant Elections Director for Maricopa County.  She supervises mail-in ballots.  Her “appointment dated “February 6, 2020” has a forged notarization, a forged clerk date (handwriting) and with traced signature, and a forged signature for Ms. Nabor.  And it was not recorded until more than ten months after it was allegedly signed.  The notary hand printing and signature forgeries are Brittany’s handwriting.   Moreover, the signature of Ms. Nabor is a forgery.  

Approximately 10 days ago, Ms. Nabor was subpoenaed to testify regarding election fraud and specifically about a plethora of fraudulent activities concerning signature verifications on mail-in ballots.  Ms. Nabor never showed.  She has not been seen for nearly week and is considered “missing.”  And apparently, Ms. Nabor has been removed from the county payroll system.

Another example: the “October 10, 2018” appointment of Michael Hornbeck. The document was signed and notarized four months AFTER allegedly being signed and stamp-signatured by the clerk.  The notarization hand printing and signature are a match for Brittany. 

Another example: the appointment docs and deeds of "Colleen Connor" aka "Mary Colleen Connor."  The handwriting on the appointment document oath does not match the previous oath in 2005 or the deeds of 2019 and 2022.  Also, the 2005 Oath has Brittany's handwriting as the "notary." (Attached hereto as Exhibit 43 and incorporated herein by is proof of Connor Fake Oath))

In addition to state representatives, three of the five Maricopa County Supervisors also have recorded documents evidencing the acceptance of bribe payments (Ref: Exhibit 38) Additionally, the falsified signature for Thomas Galvin on his oath of office matches the handwriting for phantom attorney Paul Tokeshi and phantom D.A.M.E.S. Charities founder “Michele Thorne”—all of which have been identified as handwriting belonging to Brittany. 

Further, Thaler and his team have investigated PACs related to state office holders and “dark money” transactions related to said PACs.  From late 2018 through 2022, a significant number of questionable real estate transactions were facilitated by several law firms including partners at Perkins Coie.

H. Status of Investigations

               Thaler’s investigation covers multiple states.  At this time, the money laundering activities affect 20 states.  The bankruptcy fraud affects 11 states.  And so on.  As to Arizona, Thaler and his team have interviewed over thirty witnesses in Arizona.  Several individuals on the Public Officials list have cooperated with the investigation.  The team has collected and reviewed more than 120,000 pages of documents including recorded deeds, bank statements, court filings, and GPS locator records just in the State of Arizona.  Additionally, Thaler and his team have reviewed more than 8,000 pages of cell phone and text records belonging to principal players in the racketeering enterprises.  Since July 2021, Thaler has met with attorneys general in five states, with FBI agents, with the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee, with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in several states.  Currently, there are multiple active and ongoing investigations in federal and state jurisdictions.  California has already taken certain actions that include the removal of “Paul Tokeshi” from its list of active attorneys. 

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